Directed by Jacky Lansley in collaboration with a team of interdisciplinary artists.
ABOUT US is the outcome of an eight-month research and development project called Crossing Paths. The project included interdisciplinary performance workshops, discussion groups, writing, blogging and creative R&D in the studio and outdoor locations, which resulted in this mixed media performance work, which defies artistic boundaries. The next phase of work on the project will see the artists refining the ideas and material into a fully realised performance event, accompanying exhibition and learning programme.

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Choreographies | Jacky LansleyCHOREOGRAPHIES

By Jacky Lansley
Published by Intellect Books

In Choreographies, Lansley covers her practice from 1975 to 2017, delving into an important period of change in contemporary British dance.
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Images: Guest Suites
Choreographer/Director: Jacky Lansley
Music: Bach Cello Suites 1-111 & Jonathan Eato 'Suite Inserts'
Performers: Esther Huss, David Ogle, Sanna Eriksson Ryg, Huri Murphy, Tim Taylor
Photography: Hugo Glendinning

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