ABOUT US Research and Development project, curated by Dance Research Studio. Choreographed and directed by Jacky Lansley with film artist Roswitha Chesher, Composer Sylvia Hallett, Dramaturg Ramsay Burt and Performers: Vincent Ebrahim, Ursula Early, Lucy Tuck, Esther Huss, Ingrid MacKinnon, Maria Ghoumrassi and Fergus Early. A first performance was presented at Siobhan Davies Studios in the Autumn 2016. After further development, the project will be touring from the Spring 2018.

"In ABOUT US we explore the mundane and the ordinary; any audience can recognise their own gestures in the movement vocabulary. The piece plays with perspective - there is no 'front' - the live action is designed to be read from any physical and conceptual perspective. ABOUT US could be described as performance installation - which could work in a gallery, a studio theatre, a warehouse, or an outdoor public site, such as a park or station."
Jacky Lansley

Esther Huss
Ingrid and Max MacKinnon

The next phase of work on the project will see us refining the ideas and material we have generated and taking them into the creation of a fully realised performance event, accompanying exhibition and learning programme.

The final work will have built in flexibility and so be suitable for a variety of spaces; it will be available for touring from late spring 2017. For further information or to be placed on a mailing list to receive updated information on the project please contact Gwen Van Spijk on the following co-ordinates: gwen@cueperformance.com/ 01869 338458

Esther Huss, Maria Ghoumrassi, Ursula Early

Ursula Early, Maria Ghoumrassi, Esther Huss

"About Us, directed by Jacky Lansley, offers individual stories from an inter- generational cast of interdisciplinary artists. Recognition of elements of the stories, shared with the audience through movement, voice and film creates an empathy and connection between audience and performers. This evocative. fluid work has the potential to be performed with different casts in a variety of venues. The performance at the Siobhan Davies studios had an effective three dimensional quality as the performers danced in a corridor between two rows of seated audience with films screened on the walls behind them. At some points some of the performers danced in the corridor between the audience whilst others danced behind. This created an enjoyable kinaesthetic sense of being surrounded by movement and being in the performance. The next development of this work promises to be intriguing and thought provoking."
Christy Adair

Vincent Ebrahim and Fergus Early